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Charlie Sheen should learn when to keep quiet

» Posted by on Oct 22, 2011


Charlie Sheen shared his opinions with the website on the performance of his former sitcom “Two and a Half Men” which has experienced a steady decline in ratings.

Charlie Sheen said he is “extremely disappointed with how they’re handling what I left behind.”

“People aren’t stupid, you know? Not all of them.”

Charlie Sheen did not blame his replacement Ashton Kutcher for the ratings decline saying, “He’s doing the best he can. I don’t think the role is cursed.”

So here’s my thought. Charlie Sheen should really learn when to say nothing.

He’d been doing well in the court of public opinion lately: joking about his role in getting ousted; a public apology; getting photographed with Ashton Kutcher. But now this: not so nice comments about his former show.

These comments make him look bitter. It’s not horrible but it doesn’t make him look good. Nothing good can come from making negative comments about the show in which he once starred.

It just reflects poorly on Charlie Sheen. This would have been the perfect time to say nothing.

So this should be a lesson learned. We all have opinions but sometimes it’s best to keep it to ourselves.

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