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Justin Bieber paternity case: The PR spin gets uglier

» Posted by on Nov 23, 2011


For something that is supposed to be determined by test results–with near 100% certainty–there’s an awful lot of mouth flapping going on. Justin Bieber is the daddy or not. Why not let the test speak for itself and just shut up?

But both sides keep blabbing about the Justin Bieber baby drama.

Justin Bieber’s camp says the pop idol took a paternity test and doubts the mother will submit her child for a test to make a comparison. They are sure that test results will show he is not the daddy.

Hmmm.  Interesting. Maybe she did make this whole thing up is what they want you to be thinking.

Not so fast. Mariah Yeater’s attorney tells TMZ that his client will submit her child to a test.

But he is calling into question Justin Bieber’s paternity test.

According to TMZ: “(Jeffrey) Leving says he DOES have a big problem with the DNA test Justin has already taken, because a member of Yeater’s team was not present while it was administered and he has no idea if the test was done using proper controls.”

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see where this one is headed. Nowhere publicly.

I say that this case will end with a settlement to Yeater with Bieber continuing to deny paternity. And because the settlement will include a confidentiality clause, Yeater will clam up and likely move into a luxurious money-filled lifestyle while Bieber moves on with his pop career.

Case closed. They move on. The public is left empty because we were pawns in this public relations battle.

Yeater and her team are using the media and using the public to get the biggest payout possible. Bieber’s team is trying to protect the client and his image and build an even bigger brand name for him. They hope he comes out of this bigger and stronger.

Welcome to Hollywood. Where strange things happen in the court of public opinion and where justice doesn’t always prevail.

Here’s hoping I am wrong.

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