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Fox News Channel backpedals on news story that resembles GOP propaganda

» Posted by on Jun 4, 2012


The video, if you’ve seen it, is rather stunning.

Fox News Channel on its morning show “Fox & Friends” aired a four minute story that almost everyone agrees could have been a story produced by the Republican National Committee.

It is so blatantly one-sided, complete with the election drama music and it certainly makes President Obama look bad. There is zero attempt within this video to be fair. It is clearly Republican.

It centers around President Obama’s slogan “Hope and Change” from 2008. The exercise was to examine whether the Obama Administration has lived up to the saying. It has no reporter “track.” It only has clips from newscasts, soundbites and that music.

The piece is well produced. No doubt about it. But was it fair? It was not fair.

It tells you what to think and comes to a distinct conclusion. It is absolutely an opinion piece, in my opinion. Yet it was not labeled as one. And worse, was presented as a news story.

The piece flies in the face of a cable news channel trying to project itself as “Fair and Balanced.” Though most people believe that the channel is a mouth piece for the right (like MSNBC is a mouth piece for the left), Fox continues to maintain that it is NOT.

Media critics have had a field day on this one. And broadcast-related outlets have been all over this story.

The incident also has been picked up by The Associated Press.

On Friday, the executive vice president for programming at Fox News Channel told AP that the associate producer responsible for producing the piece, Chris White, will keep his job.

So far Fox has refused to discuss how such a blatantly biased piece could ever have made air.

Maybe the piece was supposed to air in ‘Hannity,’ the right-wing opinion program in prime time, and it was re-routed to the ‘Fox & Friends’ news program, instead? That might help explain it… At least it would be some explanation.

But for a news channel trying to portray itself as “Fair and Balanced” this piece is anything but fair and balanced.

The incident will only provide fodder to those people who already contend that Fox News Channel is right-winged and this piece is “Exhibit A.”

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