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Finding the Right Public Relations Agency

» Posted by on Jun 12, 2017


Public relations is a deceptively large field. At its core is the requirement that practitioners communicate on behalf of a brand, company or general group of people to a specific audience. It’s a tool for building relationships. What many don’t realize is there is no “one size fits all.” If you’re suffering from an ear ache, you don’t go to a foot doctor and chalk it up to “well, they’re both doctors, right?”

Like medicine, technology and a number of other popular fields, public relations has specialists. While there is much more overlap between specialties that in other fields, knowing who to speak to about your specific needs can impact whether you achieve your goals. It’s a common problem that can leave businesses feeling cheated when results aren’t quite what they expected. But a big problem comes when that foot doctor’s inability to treat you leaves you with the impression that all doctors don’t know what they’re doing.

As an agency, we frequently take calls with current and potential clients who are unsure of which services they need. Luckily, our multi-specialist team can assist them with just about anything short of “I need a conference call with the president.” However, knowing the branches of public relations can be incredibly helpful when planning your next strategy and give you better results.

These are the three most common forms of public relations:

General Communications

This is the “catch all” of the PR field. It’s meant for basic campaigns and relationship building within your organization and the greater public. It helps your brand or business carve out a place to call home and make the neighbors happy through open communication channels, community service and a variety of other activities.

Media Relations

Working with the press is difficult, time consuming and often relies on the mutually beneficial relationship of providing a good story in return for good exposure. In some cases it borders on the verge of marketing, as it’s all about getting your name in front of the people. Experts in this field are story tellers. They know what will get the press interested. It may require a little more time on the phone, but in the end a published story featuring your brand can do wonders for your reputation.

Crisis Management

You never want to work with this group of PR practitioners. Did a doctor make a big mistake? Product being recalled? Employee get arrested? This is for when a company is having the worst day of its life. A crisis manager acts fast to respond and resolve an issue before the windows are shuttered. Of all the areas of expertise in this industry this is where it’s most critical to have a tried and true expert. Weak skills in communication and media relations can be survived. The worst thing that happens is time and money are wasted, lesson learned, find a better practitioner to help you. A poor response to a crisis can mean permanent damage to your reputation.

It’s important to remember that your business needs to dedicate time to finding the right public relations practitioner that fits your needs. Consider whether their past clients are like your own business and keep in mind what specialties you fall under.


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