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Dangers of Do It Yourself Public Relations

» Posted by on Jun 26, 2017


The public relations field is very significant because it decides your reputation as a company. One little mistake can destroy your reputation. Some believe that its more cost effective to “DIY” or do it yourself. This is where many companies take a wrong turn. Would you trust a chef to do an electricians job? Probably not. The same goes with public relations, it’s smarter to go with a trained professional, rather than someone who is new or not well informed. You do not want to put your company at risk with poor, mismanaged PR efforts.

Why PR agencies are the best choice:


Content is a very broad spectrum and it’s hard to know what to post where. Once public relations professionals know your target audience, they know exactly what content should be posted and where. Doing it yourself can be very difficult. If you post the wrong information you could make your company look bad or completely miss the audience.


This field is exhausting, trust us. From finding the correct contacts to writing press releases, it is indeed a full-time job. Business professionals do not have the time, while completing all the duties and responsibilities of their job. This does not include the time one would use to study the field (which could also be done ineffectively).


This is the primary concern when hiring an agency. Whether one DIYs or hires a company unfortunately there will always be a cost factor. However, by hiring an expert PR company it will save you even more in the long run. From a PR crisis to working with reliable contacts, the positive results are endless.


Public Relations is all about building relationships. As an agency, we have access to many different contacts and have already created relationships with many companies that can benefit you. This takes time and commitment. Instead of spending the time to seek of contacts, its more efficient to work with a company who already has effective and reliable ones.


This is a skill that all PR professionals have conquered. PR professionals are expert writers that create powerful and effective messages. These Pros are always on standby and make sure your releases can be sent as soon as possible. When working with a PR company you know you are working with a reliable team and will not have a worry.

Plans and Measurement

PR Professionals understand what the important components are for having effective PR for your company. They have the time to make plans for your specific company and have the tools to measure what is the most effective route.

With DIY PR, the risks far out weight the reward. And with the next big story just around the corner, it’s never too early to seek out some pros. The Publicity Agency is a full-service, national PR firm that specializes in helping businesses, newsmakers, entertainers, and professionals be represented in the public eye. With an emphasis on strategy and tailor-made campaigns, The Publicity Agency is ready to help clients of any size and background with over a decade’s experience in crisis management, press relations, image consulting and more. For more information, visit or contact us at

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