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Justin Bieber gets traction from politician who complained about his speeding

»Posted by on Jul 18 2012

Now Justin Bieber is in the news again not because of a new album. But because a Los Angeles city councilman saw Bieber driving faster than 100 miles per hour on a city street last Friday and believes the teen pop star should be arrested and not just ticketed. "As I watched, I was anticipating a crash," Los Angeles City Councilman Dennis Zine, a former veteran police officer told ABC News. "It was chaos. Total willful disregard for people on the roadway." When police caught up with him, Bi...

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Justin Bieber paternity case: The PR spin gets uglier

»Posted by on Nov 23 2011

For something that is supposed to be determined by test results--with near 100% certainty--there's an awful lot of mouth flapping going on. Justin Bieber is the daddy or not. Why not let the test speak for itself and just shut up? But both sides keep blabbing about the Justin Bieber baby drama. Justin Bieber's camp says the pop idol took a paternity test and doubts the mother will submit her child for a test to make a comparison. They are sure that test results will show he is not the...

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Justin Bieber baby scandal PR strategy: Abort the truth?

»Posted by on Nov 16 2011

Did you hear the news? The lawsuit against Justin Bieber was dropped. The story played as if the baby's mother was lying and Justin Bieber is not the father. Bieber's team ratcheted up the rhetoric. A spokesman for Bieber told The Associated Press that Bieber intends to take a paternity test in the coming weeks. "As we've said from the beginning, it's sad that someone would fabricate such a malicious, defamatory, and demonstrably false claim. We'll continue to consider all of our op...

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Justin Bieber: Baby, baby does he have a PR crisis

»Posted by on Nov 03 2011

Let me say at the outset that the situation Justin Bieber faces is tough to analyze without knowing the truth. In case you have not heard, Mariah Yeater, 20, filed a paternity suit against Justin Bieber, who is 17, claiming that she had sex with him backstage at one of his concerts and the interlude produced a child. Bieber would have been 16 at the time. Deny, deny, deny is the knee jerk reaction from those who are unskilled in crisis management falsely thinking the story will just go awa...

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Michael Lohan arrest makes star daughter Lindsay Lohan look good

»Posted by on Oct 28 2011

Kids sometimes make their parents look good. Sometimes bad. Same goes with parents. And such is the case with Michael Lohan and his daughter Lindsay Lohan who's been tabloid fodder for years now. Michael Lohan, 51, was arrested twice in a 24 hour period. I don't know if this has become a battle between father and daughter as to whom can get more outrageous headlines. But that's not the point of this PR blog. While conventional wisdom would say that Michael Lohan is making his daughter L...

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Underage Mitchell Musso arrested for DUI: PR issues for Disney, actor

»Posted by on Oct 18 2011

"Pair of Kings," "PrankStars" and former "Hannah Montana" star Mitchell Musso, 20, was arrested in Burbank, Calif. early Sunday morning on suspicion of DUI. The Disney Channel actor is not legal to drink alcohol yet, but according to TMZ he blew a blood alcohol level over .08, making him legally drunk. This is an issue not just for Musso, who has a throng of teens who idolize him. But for Disney, which has seen a number of their stars battle substance abuse. So far no word from Disn...

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