NBC’s ‘1600 Penn’ further blurs line between news, fiction

»Posted by on Jan 08 2013

So I read with interest how Larry King would guest star on the new, much hyped NBC show "1600 Penn." Larry King, though he interviewed news makers, was not a hard core journalist. He is a talk show host. But Savannah Guthrie of "Today" and NBC's Chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd are very real and very working. Both are influential journalists who also have been tapped for guest-starring roles on "1600 Penn." Am I the only one bothered by this... that real journalists cove...

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Crisis brewing? Fox News host Greta Van Susteren skewered for failing to disclose husband’s ties to GOP candidate Herman Cain

»Posted by on Dec 02 2011

Let me do what Greta Van Susteren apparently neglected to do: disclose my relationship. I have spoken and emailed with Greta Van Susteren on several occasions. I have clients who have been on her show. And I have clients whom Greta has wanted to be on her show. So I have spoken with her, sometimes at length. I would not call her a friend. I like her. I like her toughness. I like her style. And I believe she is a genuinely good, honest person. And that is why I am disappointed to hear th...

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Crisis PR advice to Baby Lisa mom following revelation on ‘Today’ show that she was drunk when tot vanished

»Posted by on Oct 17 2011

If you are a parent and your child goes missing and the public and police suspect you, the only thing you have is your credibility. The public will make judgements about how you are acting, if you are crying enough, if you seem genuine, if you are telling the truth. This revelation from Deborah Bradley this morning on NBC's 'TODAY' that she was drunk is not only damaging to Baby Lisa's mom because it affects her credibility but because it impacts the timeline and finding Baby Lisa. This...

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Tampa news anchor handles breast cancer diagnosis, treatments honestly and openly

»Posted by on Oct 12 2011

Let me say with full disclosure that I know Linda Hurtado, a long-time news anchor on WFTS, ABC Action News in Tampa. I met her during my days in TV news. Since then, clients have been interviewed by Linda Hurtado for her medical segments. Our daughters went to the same gymnastics camp this summer. And I'm friends with her on Facebook. I am not close with her. I learned about her breast cancer diagnosis by reading about it in the St. Petersburg Times, in a column by media critic Eric Degga...

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Nancy Grace fails to learn lessons from wardrobe malfunction and ‘conviction’ in court of public opinion

»Posted by on Oct 07 2011

Nancy Grace found herself head-on in an embarrassing situation with an alleged wardrobe malfunction. It was a titillating story for the media. And boy were the media quick to expose Nancy Grace's apparent wardrobe malfunction.  Sure, she denied what Dancing with the Stars host Tom Bergeron apparently saw with his own two eyes, commenting live that her moves were a bit "top heavy." But Nancy Grace has denied it.  Saying it was basically an optical illusion. Even Nancy Grace's own netw...

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Judah Maccabee: The genesis of a new PR nightmare for Mel Gibson

»Posted by on Oct 04 2011

Mel Gibson appears to be his own worst enemy.  His newest PR nightmare in the making?  Judah Maccabee. Mel Gibson drew some sharp criticism earlier this month when news spread that he'd be teaming up with Warner Bros. to develop a film about Judah Maccabee, who is a Jewish hero from post-Biblical times.  Judah Maccabee is associated with the story of Hannukah. The 'Hollywood Reporter' put it this way: "According to sources close to Gibson, the actor isn't doing the film to close the ...

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