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by Glenn Selig, The Publicity Agency’s PR strategist-in-chief.

PR crisis: Paula Deen feels the heat, but is she cooked?

»Posted by on Jun 24, 2013

Paula Deen knows her way around a kitchen and a recipe. With her words, and her response so far, she unexpectedly cooked up a mess for herself. The Food Network dropped her and her four shows. Facebook and Twitter are going nuts with people opining–both for and against Paula Deen. Here’s how I see it. Paula Deen’s biggest problem in the short term will be with retailers, e-tailers and anyone else who has a business venture with her. Those businesses will feel the pressure on their own brands to drop Paula Deen. The question will be how much can they stomach? Paula Deen’s restaurants and stores this weekend were filled. That is indicative that many in the the public still support her and want to see her succeed. Will the companies...

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Cleveland TV station WEWS apologizes to Charles Ramsey for exposing his criminal past – is that enough?

»Posted by on May 10, 2013

Across my email today came this interesting note: WEWS, the Cleveland ABC affiliate, the first news outlet to interview Charles Ramsey, the neighbor who was hailed a hero after he helped rescue the three kidnapped Cleveland women, APOLOGIZED for doing a report on Ramsey’s criminal past. The station posted the following message on its Facebook page: TO OUR READERS & FOLLOWERS: We heard you. Wednesday night, we made a poor judgment call in posting a story about Charles Ramsey’s criminal record and how he’s since reformed. While the story was factually sound, the timing of it and publication of such information was not in good taste, and we regret it. Your comments prompted us to quickly remove the story from our website and Facebook page, but we...

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If he’s writing a book, why would Jason Collins deny it?

»Posted by on May 7, 2013

Did you hear? Jason Collins, the NBA player who last week announced he is gay, is reported to be shopping a book. It isn’t the “National Enquirer” (no offense to the “National Enquirer”) reporting this. It’s the Associated Press. Yes, the AP. If you aren’t aware, the AP is one of those rare journalism outfits that reports only things that it can be really sourced. It goes above and beyond in sourcing stuff. If the media outlet cannot confirm what it needs to, it will pass on the story. Its standards are that high. (Unfortunately the same can’t be said for all news outlets.) Officials at three publishing houses told the Hollywood Reporter they have been “contacted about a planned memior by Collins, the...

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PR mistake: Accused wife beater, former news anchor Rob Morrison does interview in a bar

»Posted by on Feb 21, 2013

So I was reading Mediabistro this afternoon and this article headline caught me eye: “Rob Morrison, Interviewed at a Bar, Maintains Innocence.” Unless you are a bartender, under mostly any circumstance doing an interview at a bar is a mistake. It’s a huge problem if your name is Rob Morrison. Morrison, in case you are not following the story, is accused of trying to choke his wife. He’s reported to be involved with a string of domestic abuse allegations. It seems apparent that he has anger management problems. And there are reports of drinking problems, too. So why in the world would the now former WCBS news anchor agree to an interview at a bar with a New York Postreporter? That venue only gives the appearance that he is drinking his...

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Dead meat PR wise? Burger King embroiled in horsemeat scandal in UK

»Posted by on Feb 1, 2013

The story is breaking in the United Kingdom: After two weeks’ worth of deny, deny, deny… Burger King now admits that its burgers, including its popular Whopper, contained horsemeat. Burger King has more than 500 stores in the U.K.  New tests show that despite what Burger King publicly said for a couple weeks, the flat-out denials were simply false. “It… raises serious questions about whether the food company, which sells around one million burgers a week in the U.K., has any good idea about what goes into its products,” writes the U.K. Mail. “These guarantees were incorrect in a revelation that threatens to destroy the trust of customers.” So how big of a problem is this for BK? I don’t think Burger King is dead...

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Is it coincidence that Lance Armstrong gave his first interview to the network owned by a former sponsor?

»Posted by on Jan 18, 2013

I love Oprah just like the next person. She does a great interview. But in some respects it’s mind-boggling as to why Lance Armstrong would choose Oprah and her fledging network, OWN, to launch a blockbuster media spin campaign. So it made me wonder, why Oprah Winfrey? OWN is a joint venture between Oprah Winfrey and Discovery Networks. Guess who was one of Lance Armstrong’s biggest sponsors as he competed in the Tour de France? You guessed it: Discovery Channel. He was a member of the U.S. Postal Service/Discovery team between 1998 and 2005. Is it just coincidental that Lance Armstrong would grant a HUGE interview to Oprah, co-owned by Discovery Networks, just as he begins to face big lawsuits from sponsors and others affected by his at that time...

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