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CNN and Erin Burnett: Controversy creates headlines and negative PR

»Posted by on Oct 09 2011

I've read the criticism of CNN and its new show "Erin Burnett Out Front." Wow, and it's just been one week. The Baltimore Sun's David Zurawik writes: "By now, there is already a consensus bilding about Burnett based on her trip to Occupy Wall Street, and none of it is good for her or CNN's .. latest 'adventure' in weeknight programming." Forbes' Eric Jackson said Burnett was "too dismissive and condescending of these protesters." And said "Erin should quit grinning and winking at what a b...

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Nancy Grace fails to learn lessons from wardrobe malfunction and ‘conviction’ in court of public opinion

»Posted by on Oct 07 2011

Nancy Grace found herself head-on in an embarrassing situation with an alleged wardrobe malfunction. It was a titillating story for the media. And boy were the media quick to expose Nancy Grace's apparent wardrobe malfunction.  Sure, she denied what Dancing with the Stars host Tom Bergeron apparently saw with his own two eyes, commenting live that her moves were a bit "top heavy." But Nancy Grace has denied it.  Saying it was basically an optical illusion. Even Nancy Grace's own netw...

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PR trouble for Hank Williams, Jr. after comparing President Obama to Hitler

»Posted by on Oct 04 2011

After hearing those comments from Hank Williams, Jr. on Fox News comparing President Obama to Adolf Hitler, ESPN dropped the traditional Monday Night Football opening song last night.  You know the one: It is sung by Williams and would have played before the start of the Buccaneers and Indianapolis game. The nation was ready for some football, minus Hank Williams, Jr. Hank Williams tried to undo some of the damage he caused after he made a statement to Fox News earlier in the day.  He la...

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