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Kazakhstan at 25 – Bye Bye Borat!

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Borat, 2006 film

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, known simply as the movie Borat, is a 2006 British-American mockumentary comedy film. But to this day, 10 years later, Kazakhs are not laughing.

In the movie, an outrageous and fictitious reporter named Borat Sagdiyev, a “Kazakh journalist,” travels around the United States recording real-life interactions with Americans.

The situations he encounters are real. But the actor playing Borat, Sacha Baron Cohen, never leaves character, which lends to the feeling that the film, and even Borat, are in fact real. As a consequence, many people around the world know Kazakhstan as a nation that drinks too much, is flooded with prostitution, where people punch cows, where men beat their wives and is largely anti-Semitic.

But the real Kazakhstan is none of the above.

The Publicity Agency founder and chief strategist Glenn Selig in Tselinograd District – Astana, Kazakhstan (September, 2016)

In fact, when The Publicity Agency founder and chief strategist Glenn Selig visited Kazakhstan on business in late September 2016. He discovered a country that is economically thriving; where people are welcoming; and cities are bustling, like Astana, the capital. In Astana, construction is ongoing in a village to prepare for EXPO-2017, a World’s Fair event that will last three months next summer and attract more than 100 countries and hundreds of thousands of visitors to discover and learn about alternate energy sources. If you are an American, you probably had no idea all of that was going in.

In America, Borat, the character is a joke (some find him funnier than others). But in Kazakhstan, no one is laughing. In fact, they blame Borat for dealing a terrible blow to their country’s image and for creating unnecessary obstacles in achieving and even more rapid economic success. It’s sort of their Achilles heel.

While in Kazakhstan, Glenn thought, what if he and his company could create a public relations image campaign that would set the record straight about Kazakhstan and begin to introduce investors and tourists around the world to the Republic of Kazakhstan?

The idea was born. And now the campaign has launched!


Media Coverage

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