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Keep Ohio’s Heritage


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Keep Ohio’s Heritage was formed to educate and inform Ohio voters regarding the dangers of becoming a ‘Right-to-Work’ state. Called ‘Workplace Freedom’ in Ohio, the bill is designed to eliminate unions, ultimately lowering wages, security and workplace safety. A 501(c)(4) non-profit organization, Keep Ohio’s Heritage is dedicated to protecting the middle class by promoting economic growth and development, fostering of job creation and the improvement of working conditions by educating the public with regard to labor policy.

Keep Ohio’s Heritage


» Protecting workers’ rights in Ohio

» Advocates of middle class economic prosperity

» Educating Ohioans on dangers of ‘Right-to-Work’


Through activism, voter education and advertising, Keep Ohio’s Heritage has managed to help labor supporters across the state keep “Right-to-Work” out of Ohio to this point. Recently, GOP leadership maintained that “Right-to-Work” was off of the party’s agenda, however, the movement threatens to gain momentum at any moment.
Although the fight is far from over, Keep Ohio’s Heritage will continue to inform Ohio voters of the damages the bill would do to the state’s economy. For this, Keep Ohio’s Heritage remains dedicated to keeping the controversial legislation at bay.


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