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At a Glance:

The newest creation from serial inventor Bert Burke, MeMoneys is a mobile financial system designed to assist people with comfortable and customizable saving tactics with ease. A holder of 14 total patents including what is commercially known today as the gift card, Burke’s newest innovation aims to help its users not only save and budget, but to ultimately splurge on the big purchases they truly want, i.e. new car, house, vacation, etc… MeMoneys is the ideal program to help reach individual financial goals and the company believes online retailers, search engines and social media sites like Amazon, Google and Facebook among many others could benefit from a tool that influences consumer spending.

MeMoneys Highlights:

  • Invented by serial innovator Bert Burke, holder of 14 patents including the gift card and RoundUp program seen in banks.
  • Assists consumer spending and saving to reach goal for splurging on expensive wants and needs.
  • ‘6 Ways to Save’ makes it easy to add funds in the most comfortable manner.
  • Aims to partner with online retailers, search engines and more to create saving incentives to create additional sales.

Bert Burke

Before his first commercialized invention, Dr. Bert Burke was a psychologist in New Jersey. With this career and intrigue in psychoanalysis, Burke is able to see things a different way than most when it came to finances. He soon became a consultant and became interested in the various ways people can save their money. Insert the gift card. Nearly two decades ago while shopping, Burke was handed a handful of change. Without a piggy bank and a habit of losing all of his lose change, Burke began to wonder if there was an easier way to save. Solution? Save it on a card and let the funds accrue! A few years later, the financial innovator would tweak the idea and create the ‘Round Up’ program, where a consumer can round up their purchases to the next dollar and instantly place it into savings. This was later licensed to Bank of America, who still uses the program today, among other banks. Most recently Burke has combined his earlier ideas into another potentially revolutionary saving system in MeMoneys.


Check out MeMoneys:

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Media Coverage:


6/16/2014 – Sarasota Herald-Tribune: The latest financial invention of a Sarasota idea man

6/13/2014 – Daddyhood: Savings guru tells children to splurge on Father’s Day

3/14/2014 – NBC Tampa: Sarasota inventor believes he can revolutionize saving habits

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