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PR Client: Gamma Labs – G Fuel

Glenn Selig
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The Publicity Agency is leading the public relations efforts on the ‘most explosive contest ever.’

The PR effort includes online, traditional media, a YouTube video and social media.

Some video game sweepstakes offer cash, games or consoles. But in what can only be seen as a further blurring of the lines between fantasy and reality, Gamma Labs ( has announced what may just be the ultimate video game sweepstakes for 2012: A chance to fly, train and shoot with U.S. Special Operations veterans.

The contest, MISSION:GUNSHIP, kicks-off the highly anticipated launch of the new energy drink, G Fuel. G Fuel was designed in conjunction with professional gamers to deliver hours of healthy energy, without the crash, jitters, or harmful chemicals commonly associated with energy drinks.

This ambitious video game sweepstakes is from G Fuel, the energy drink formulated specifically for video gamers. G Fuel is an alternative to RedBull or 5-Hour Energy because it has triple the amount of antioxidants and B-vitamins but contains no creatine or arginine. G Fuel is an all-natural booster for gamers who want the energy to play and compete for hours without rest or distractions.

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