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Image Consulting

It’s about how we act.  It’s about what we do and what we say.

That’s how images are shaped.  That’s how elections are won.  That’s how businesses succeed or fail.  Because the public make judgements on how people look and act.

While we have a circle of friends and associates who may know us or our company well, they are generally forgiving and are willing to overlook our idiosyncrasies.

You only have a couple minutes to make a first impression.  It matters what you say, what you wear and how you inflect.

It matters in person.  It matters for a speech.  It matters for a debate.  It matters most on TV when doing an interview or making an appearance.

It matters in good times and matters during a PR crisis.


»How we look and act matter to the public

»What we project often determines success or failure

»TV magnifies issues

»For professionals, celebrities, politicians

The Agency, led by Glenn Selig,  provides image consulting and media coaching to business executives, professionals, personalities.  And to those who’ve been thrust into the spotlight.

Image Consulting Expert

The Agency has experience handling some of the biggest image consulting cases. And we’ve worked with some of the biggest names.

A portion of what we’ve been involved with has been well publicized.  Our involvement in some cases has been kept quiet and confidential.

Among the biggest endorsement of The Agency’s work:  Major news media outlets calling Glenn Selig for his opinion on big news stories.  He has been interviewed many, many times to offer expert opinions on news events and image consulting.

Below, Glenn Selig is interviewed by CBC News, the national news in Canada, to talk about the Amanda Knox case:

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