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Social Media Strategy

Before you shoot, you must aim.

Social media strategy is not simply about setting up a Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Pinterest site. It’s about, well, strategy. It’s about targeting. It’s about having a plan.

And it’s about using social media… to hone in on your targets to win!social media agency

We love to win and we love playing with companies with winning spirits and attitudes.

Social media does not operate in a vacuum. Social media is the virtual side of the real world.

That means engagement in traditional PR and tip-toeing around in social media is like launching a ground offensive without having air support.

It’s time to turn conversations into customers/clients and those customers/clients into advocates and brand ambassadors. We know how to cultivate vibrant social communities smartly and strategically.

By tactically discovering social conversations that are relevant to your business, we then engage those social influencers on Facebook and Twitter. We encourage word-of-mouth through creative social marketing. We do some really cool analysis to understand the complex social communities so they can work for you.

We also know how to leverage YouTube, one of the biggest players in the social media space, but often forgotten when thinking about social media channels.

youtube social mediaThere are so many social media buzzwords you’ll hear people using: viral, educate, entertain, engagement.

We understand the true meaning of those words. Meaning, we don’t just talk the talk. We walk the walk.

Social Media Tactics and Why We’re Unique

You’d never know it. But we’re the heart and brains behind some big name athletes and companies.

Why us? Because we’re the best at what we do. And we say that not to brag. It’s simply the truth.

You need to know what you’re good at!

It’s about interaction and having a conversation. It’s about knowing who to talk to and when to speak.

It’s about knowing how to find the big mouths anywhere in the world so they can talk things up for your company.

And it’s about taking the guesswork out of the mix.

Say goodbye to gut feelings and shooting in the dark. And start saying hello to real numbers, real analysis and real strategy to produce a winning campaign.

And we’ll back up everything with real numbers and reporting so you can see what’s happening.

True enough there are agencies that specialize in social media. But we firmly believe that all parts of your PR should be working in sync.  And the best way to do that is to have one team: The TPA PR machine working for you.

We’re armed with the best tools. And we’ve cultivated the best team.

We’re ready to get to work for you to produce a campaign that wins.

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