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Public Affairs

Using influence, instincts and keen strategy, we help brands, individuals, governments and others committed to winning political battles in Washington, D.C.

Public opinion drives public decision-making. And sometimes political stakeholders or elected officials need a good narrative, or cover.

capitol-building-dcThe integration of public relations, social media, content creation and public affairs–the building and development of relations between an organization and politicians, governments and other decision-makers–has never been more acute or profound.

We know how to take these individual instruments and make them harmonize.

This is a new time in Washington, D.C. with lots of unchartered waters given the outsider status of the new President of the United States. Now it’s truly about connections and who you know, not only in Washington but outside of Washington. It’s also about having a keen understanding of strategy and how to win when the game changes and it’s no longer business as usual. At this firm we get that better than any other.

If you have a lot riding on public policy decisions, know that we have quite an arsenal of tools at our disposal and are uniquely equipped to tell your story to the public or to policy-makers–or both–in the most compelling ways. We know how to use a strategic mix to amplify messages so that they are heard.

For corporations, not-for-profits, and government organizations with high-stakes challenges, we deliver bold, game-changing strategies that produce wins.

And our track record of success proves it.


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