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Avatar Nutrition


At a Glance:

Avatar Nutrition is a team of PhDs, dietitians, and athletes who understand the frustrations of misleading nutritional fictions and instant gratification guarantees. The Avatar team believes there is only one way to shed light on the faulty fitness information that’s long preyed on unsuspecting individuals – and that’s through science.

Avatar Nutrition’s flexibility will change the way society looks at food. Gone are the days of shame and struggle. Their motto is “Eat what you want. Feel great about it. Period.”

Avatar Highlights:

  • CEO Mark Springer
  • Developed breakthrough science-based diet and lifestyle
  • Online community designed to support health goals

Mark Springer

Something of a renaissance man, Mark Springer has a burning passion for learning and growth as a human being. Avatar Nutrition is his brainchild and ultimately the product of 8 years of firsthand experience helping people overcome frustrations in the world of health and fitness. Mark saw that the biggest problem facing people seeking to positively transform their bodies was getting their diets right. For years, Mark made it his mission to find a solution to this problem and a way to effectively deliver it to as many people as possible. From this came a partnership with Katie Coles, a registered dietitian with years of experience applying this nutritional philosophy. The result was Avatar Nutrition

Katie Coles

Katie Coles is a registered dietitian nutritionist with years of experience in the fitness industry as an athlete, top level bikini competitor, and fitness model. A slave to restrictive meal plans in her early competition days, Katie developed binge-eating disorder and struggled to find balance and self-acceptance. After getting her master’s degree in nutrition, Katie discovered the power of flexible dieting for not only improving her physique, but also for overcoming eating disorders and taking control of her personal health. A major advocate of the flexible dieting movement, Katie’s mission is to free people from restrictive diets while helping them achieve their ideal body.


Media Contacts

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Zack Wright

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