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At a Glance:

Every business knows the pressure of balancing everyday work with contacting and converting leads. To run the business you need clients, to find the clients you need to take time away from the business. Larger organizations have the luxury of a dedicated sales team. For those who don’t, being unable to properly handle both tasks can have disastrous consequences.

Cliently was created by a team of former small business owners who finally said “enough is enough.” The platform aims to automate tracking and lead conversion, allowing companies who can’t accommodate a dedicated sales team to still wield the power of one.

Cliently Highlights:

  • Full automation for every step of the sales process, from initial contact to closing the deal.
  • Integrates with most popular sales and marketing tools.
  • One of the only online sales systems to feature physical marketing materials.

Spencer Farber

After years of enduring the handling business-finding leads struggle himself, Farber sought to solve the problem. After leaving his full-time job to go all in on a new project, even bringing his partner along for the ride, he created Cliently. Following the successful crowd-funded launch Cliently has grown exponentially.



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