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Just weeks after Herman Cain suspended his run for president, Ginger White, the “other woman” in Cain’s life, has begun  a campaign to repair the damage to her reputation.

Though he bowed out of the race for the GOP nomination, Cain categorically denied having a 13-year affair with White, said that White’s claim was false and suggested she was lying. He challenged White’s motivations for coming forward.

White says that she stepped up to admit the relationship with Cain to  support other women who had, in previous weeks, revealed sexual harassment run-ins with Cain, but were portrayed as liars.

White says she had nothing to personally gain from coming forward–but a lot to risk–including her privacy and reputation.

She says she put herself in the line of fire to help bolster those statements from Cain accusers who had alleged sexual harassment. Although White says her relationship with Cain was consensual, she believed the women.


WAGA-TV Atlanta – I-Team
Fox News
The State Column


November, 28 2011: Ginger White does first interview with WAGA, Fox station in Atlanta.

December 3, 2011: Herman Cain suspends campaign

December 20, 2011: Ginger White sets record straight in WAGA-TV5 Interview

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