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Jack Burkman

Jack Burkman


At a Glance:

Jack Burkman, founder and president of JM Burkman & Associates, LLC (the #1 lobbying firm in DC according to The Hill), is a Washington, DC based political consultant and syndicated radio talk show host. In May, 2016 he announced the first fundraising event for Donald Trump for President, hosted by him and his wife in Arlington, Virginia to coalesce D.C. lobbyists and government contractors. However, the event was abruptly cancelled after Burkman received what he considered a “bullying” letter from attorneys from the for-profit Trump Organization. Burkman quickly went from a would-be supporter, to a leader and organizer of the anti-Trump movement. On July 8, 2016, Burkman hosted a fundraiser for Free the Delegates, in which 500 people attended and where he raised over $500-thousand for the anti-Trump effort, with more events and fundraising planned.

In September, 2016, Burkman offered a $100,000 reward to help solve the murder of Seth Rich, a staffer with the Democratic National Committee. He has been assisting the Rich family to find justice in the July murder of their son, who was shot in the back as he walked home. In late November, Burkman joined Seth’s parents at a news conference in the neighborhood where Seth lived and died to canvass and hand out Rich Billboard Webflyers. And in December, 2016, Burkman upped the reward another $5,000, bringing the total to $130,000, including $25,000 from the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department, making it the highest reward ever for a homicide. In January, 2017, Burkman announced a new website, and that bus depot billboards will soon go up in the neighborhood to help find the killer or killers. In February, Burkman called on the U.S. Congress to investigate a possible Russian connection to the murder.

Launch of The Profiling Project

Profiling Project LogoOn March 23, 2017, in the neighborhood where Rich lived and was murdered, Burkman announced the launch of The Profiling Project. Funded by him, “The Profiling Project” is an autonomous and independent unit investigating the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich. The Profiling Project is housed in separate office space by design. The news conference was held in front of a billboard erected by Burkman as part of his ongoing commitment to Seth’s parents and to the community to investigate what happened to Mr. Rich. The Profiling Project is led by Kevin Doherty and Jennifer Rohrer, Ph.D. The Profiling Project is being staffed by The Student Association for Forensic Psychology (SAFP) at George Washington University. It is a student organization comprised of graduate students pursuing a Master’s in Forensic Psychology. Visit The Profiling Project for more information, photos.

Media Experience

Burkman is host of the nationally syndicated radio show “Behind the Curtain with Jack Burkman,” airing in 185 markets, on Radio America and simulcast on Newsmax TV. Each week, he focuses on news stories that are under the surface or are not being covered at all by the mainstream media. Featuring strong investigative reporting and analysis, Burkman uses his experience to reveal the secrets that K Street tries to hide from the public. The program is also simulcast on Newsmax TV.

Burkman also is a former Fox News conservative political analyst who routinely appears on MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, CNBC and others.


Jack Burkman on CTV – October 17, 2013

Jack Burkman on CTV – October 16, 2013

Jack Burkman on Al Jazeera America – October 3, 2013

Press Releases:

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Jack Burkman News:

3/24/2017: ABC 7 Washington: New private investigation into the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich

02/27/2017: Daily Mail (United Kingdom) – EXCLUSIVE: Republican lobbyist says he has ‘evidence’ that 27-year-old DNC analyst Seth Rich was murdered after discovering Russian operatives had hacked the DNC and has asked Congress for investigation

02/16/2017: WJLA – ABC Washington – GOP lobbyist asks Congress to investigate possible Russian link to murder of DNC staffer

01/19/2017: NBC Washington – ‘Who Murdered Seth Rich?’: Billboards, Ads to be Posted in Search of Killer

01/19/2017: Washington Post – Seth Rich wasn’t just another D.C. murder victim. He was a meme in the weirdest presidential election of our times

01/16/2017: WJLA – The search for DNC staffer Seth Rich’s killer continues with billboards and website

01/07/2017: The Daily Caller – DC Lobbyist Behind Campaign To Solve Seth Rich Murder Mystery

01/03/2017: WJLA-Washington – Billboards, bus bench ads to be posted to find out who murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich

12/27/2016: Forward – For Parents of Murdered DNC Staffer, Conspiracy Theories Deepen the Grief

12/6/2016: NBC4 Washington – Republican Lobbyist Increases Reward for Information in Slain DNC Staffer’s Case

11/23/2016: Omaha World Herald – Parents of DNC staffer Seth Rich vow to find his killer; reward now $125,000

11/22/2016: La Rampa di Napoli – Murdered DNC Staffer’s Parents Ask Public For Help

11/21/2016: WJLA Washington –  Parents of murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich address search for son’s killer

11/21/2016: Daily Mail – Parents of slain DNC staffer Seth Rich plead for the public’s help as the reward is increased to $125,000

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11/21/2016: New York Daily News – Parents of murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich ups reward, call for public’s help 

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11/17/2016: Forward- Going Door to Door, Family and Friends of Slain Democratic Staffer Hope to Find Clues

9/16/2016: Newsweek – Seth Rich’s death: Why a GOP lobbyist will pay $100,000 to learn who killed the DNC staffer

11/06/2016: Fox News – GOP lobbyist joins quest to solve murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich

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9/15/2016: DCist- GOP Lobbyist Now Offering $100,000 For Information On DNC Staffer’s Murder

9/14/2016: Fox5 Washington – Republican lobbyist offers $100K reward in murder of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich

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9/14/2016: Washington Examiner – Republican offers $100K for answers on DNC staffer’s murder

9/14/2016: WRC-TV Washington, D.C. – GOP Lobbyist Offers $100K Reward for Information in Slaying of DNC Staffer

9/13/2016: Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinal – Congressional Democrats call for investigation of Bondi

8/22/2016: The Orlando Sentinel GOP lobbyist wants Trump-Bondi donation probe

07/15/2016: ThinkProgressRNC Crushes Coup Attempt Against Donald Trump, Angering Some Delegates

07/14/2016: Reason.comFear, Feminism and Freeing the Delegates: Inside a Last-Ditch #NeverTrump Fundraiser

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07/07/2016: Buzzfeed News – D.C. Lobbyist Who Once Supported Trump Now Says He’ll Raise Money For Anti-Trump Effort

05/18/2016: CNBCDonald Trump is coming to Wall Street

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05/17/2016:DADDYHOODWill billionaire businessman Donald Trump take money from lobbyist Jack Burkman and friends?

05/17/2016:POLITICOLobbyists for Trump

05/16/2016: Huffington PostA Notorious Washington Lobbyist Wants to Raise Money for Trump

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05/04/2016: Fox 5 DC Trump’s open path to nomination causes agony for some in GOP

04/25/2016: Washington Examiner Former critic plans ‘Lobbyists for Trump’ fundraiser

04/25/2016: BreitbartLobbyists for Trump: Beltway Insiders Plan to Raise $200-million to Back the Donald in General Election

08/10/2015: WJLA Washington D.C.That Was The Week That Was

09/04/2014: Huffington Post – Anti-Gay Group To Protest Michael Sam, Cowboys In The Name Of ‘Family Values’

09/04/2014: CBS Local (Dallas/Fort Worth) Protests Planned Over Sam Joining Cowboys

09/04/2014: The Christian Times – Conservative Group To Protest Dallas Cowboys And Michael Sam

5/16/2014: Advocate – Lobbyist Urges Boycott of Rams, Visa, Over Michael Sam

5/15/2014: Huffington Post – Michael Sam and the Fight Against the Christian Right

5/15/2014: Washington Post – Oprah’s OWN will produce Michael Sam docuseries

5/09/2014: Daily Mail – Extreme Christian lobbyist threatens ‘relentless national boycott’ of whichever NFL team drafts openly gay rookie Michael Sam

5/08/2014: Christian Post – NFL Team That Drafts Openly Gay Player Michael Sam Will Face Boycott, Says D.C. Lobbyist Seeking to Ban Gays From League

2/25/2014: Huffington Post – A Republican Lobbyist Is Trying To Get Gay Football Players Banned From The NFL

2/25/2014: BuzzFeed – Lobbyist “Projects” Dozens Of Members Of Congress Will Back Bill To Ban Gays From NFL

2/25/2014: ChristianPost – Washington Lobbyist Jack Burkman Preparing Bill to Ban Gays From NFL; ‘We Are Losing Our Decency as a Nation’ He Says

2/24/2014: Daily Beast – Lobbyist Has An Indecent Proposal for Gays in the NFL

2/25/2014: Daily Mail – ‘We are losing our decency as a nation’: Washington lobbyist moves to ban gay players from the NFL after college star Michael Sam came out ahead of declaring for draft

2/25/2014: Pro Football Talk – Lobbyist plans to introduce bill aimed at banning gay NFL players . . . seriously

2/25/2014: Sports Illustrated –D.C. Lobbyist Reportedly Prepares Legislation Banning Gay Players from the NFL

2/25/2014: Washington Post– Banning gay players from NFL is absurd

2/25/2014: Slate – Conservative Lobbyist Hyping a Ban on Gay NFL Players

2/25/2014: Yahoo! Sports – Lobbyist drafts bill to ban gay players such as Michael Sam from NFL

01/24/2014: The HillLobby firms sweep up new clients

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