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Psoria-Shield – Online Media Kit


Media Contacts

Glenn Selig, (813) 708-1220, Email:
Melissa Rogovin, (813) 708-1220 x7783 Email:

Organization Bio

Psoria‐Shield advocates the use of targeted UV phototherapy for skin conditions focusing on increasing patients’ quality of life.

The company’s flagship device Psoria-Light uses patented Deep UV LED technology to treat skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, vitiligo and alopecia areata.

Targeted UV phototherapy delivers high dosages of UV light to only affected areas, sparing healthy skin. Psoria-Light is capable of emitting either UVA or NB-UVB light, allowing healthcare providers access to multiple forms of phototherapy treatment, all within one device.

Psoria-Light’s technology provides an alternative treatment for skin conditions that would otherwise be treated with harmful drugs, full body UV exposure or steroid injections.

Because it uses targeted UV therapy, physicians can improve and clear their patients in as little as two weeks of treatment.

About Psoria-Shield:

»Psoria-Light uses patented Deep UV LED technology

»Originally developed for U.S. military, NASA

»Focused on increasing quality of life

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