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RJ Toledo – “The FraudHunter”


At a Glance:Toledo USAF

RJ Toledo is “The FraudHunter” as well as the Founder and Director of Investigations for InvestDefense Investigation Agency. Using the investigative expertise mastered as a Special Agent with the FBI, Toledo now aims to protect investors from becoming victims of fraud and to expose trends and practices commonly used in fraudulent activities.


  • Founder & Director of Investigations for InvestDefense Investigation Agency
  • Former FBI Special Agent
  • Captain in the United States Air Force
  • Expert in fraud, investing and national security

About InvestDefense

InvestDefense is composed of a fraud investigation agency and research laboratory located at the University of South Florida, and is dedicated to fraud prevention, investigation, and scientific research analysis. Founded by former FBI special agents, InvestDefense is a fusion of the aggressive investigative tactics of FBI agents with rigorous scientific analysis and academic research. InvestDefense is a registered investigative agency, licensed in the state of Florida, and is empowered under Chapter 493 of Florida Statutes to conduct full investigative operations in support of its investigative mission. InvestDefense is located at the University of South Florida, Research Park, in Tampa Florida.

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Tyler Ragghianti          Phone: (888) 399-5534 x7780           Email:


Media Coverage:

6/24/2014 – ABC Action News: Experts say Tampa fraudster exposed major flaw while scamming Apple out of $300-grand

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