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Welcome to GovernorRod.com Live!

Champion for Ordinary People
Since his controversial ousting from office, Rod Blagojevich has refused to be silent.

The twice elected former governor of Illinois has insisted he is innocent of all charges since his arrest in December, 2008.

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Rod is on a mission to prove to the world he did not betray his family, friends and the people of Illinois who twice elected him.

One week before a retrial is set to begin, Rod makes a statement outside his home, carried LIVE by local stations:

Rod and his legal time filed a motion intended to avoid a second trial. Below is the story as it made news on MSNBC. One anchor calling it the 'persecution' of Rod Blagojevich. Take a listen.

The Fight to Clear his Name
Rod's crusade for justice and his uncanny ability to deal with adversity has made him an in-demand public speaker where he consistently draws huge crowds. He was invited to speak at the esteemed Oxford Union in the U.K. He is also a frequent guest on news and entertainment programs.

For more than two years he has publicly and relentlessly asserted that he broke no laws. And that he did not and would not let down the people of Illinois who twice elected him. He accused prosecuters of engaging in a campaign to ruin him because of politics.

During his first trial, the worst of the tapes were played, the worst of the evidence was paraded and prosecutors' most compelling witnesses testified. Even without calling a single defense witness or even presenting Rod's side of the story to the jury, the jurors refused to convict him on ANY corruption charge. Not a single one.

Prosecutors vow to re-try him beginning April 20. So his fight to clear his name and reputation must continue.


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Rod's autobiography 'The Governor' hit stores last year.


With guest appearances on news programs and invites from reality televison, Rod is primed for primetime.
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