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Why We’re Headquartered in Tampa

As a national PR firm with clients all over the U.S. and even in other countries, people sometimes ask us, “Why Tampa?”

So why did we choose Tampa for corporate headquarters?

Sure, we could’ve gone conventional and made our home base in New York or Los Angeles. (We have a presence in Los Angeles and Chicago but our home base is in Tampa.)

But at The Publicity Agency, we’re not conventional.

We’re out-of-box thinkers.

We aim to be different, because we are different.

We hate to brag about the city we chose, but we want to underscore the point…

Tampa is home to a top flight airport which acts as a gateway to fly anywhere in the world for business or pleasure.

Tampa Bay is also home to the best beaches, world-class dining and professional sports teams.

So why are we headquartered in Tampa? Why isn’t every company?

Enjoy the photo montage below. And try not to get jealous!

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