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The Monster Cooler


At a Glance:

When his refrigerator broke and the cold temperature of Tom Beggins’ beer was in jeopardy, fate intervened and assisted Beggins in creating The Monster Cooler. An innovative product to help keep beverages at their coldest and most enjoyable state, the Monster Cooler was designed to fit like a glove for cans, cups and bottles. The Monster Cooler is lightweight, yet durable, easy to grip, eliminates condensation, but more importantly, insulates beverages, keeping them cool for hours. Monster Coolers are perfect for beach-goers, tailgaters, boaters, those relaxing poolside and/or replenishing during activities.


Jeff Beggins

Jeff Beggins is the Co-Founder/ Managing Member of Endeavor Marketing, LLC, which is launching The Monster Cooler into Bed Bath & Beyond stores while concurrently launching a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. Jeff and his Uncle Tom Beggins invented The Monster Cooler and co-own 6 trademarks and 6 patents, including international protection for The Monster Cooler.

Jeff is also one of the owners of Century 21 Beggins Enterprises which is a multi-office real estate firm having sold over 20,000 homes in the Greater Tampa Bay area. The firm is the #1 volume selling Century 21 office in the Southeast United States, #1 in Florida, #9 in the USA and #20 in the world.

Jeff received his Bachelor’s (BSBA) and his MBA degree from the University of Florida’s College of Business.


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Rich Kaplan

As a senior level expert in building consumer brands, Rich Kaplan was the driving force in building Tervis Tumbler from $30 million to $140 million in annual sales in just 5 years.  As President, Chief Brand Officer, Rich’s role was that of a Chief Commercial Officer and was responsible for sales, marketing, licensing, and Tervis stores along with strategic planning and building a strong consumer brand.  In 2010, Rich led the Tervis rebranding initiative which was instrumental in achieving these goals.  Ownership had shared plans to be a $50 million dollar brand in annual sales, which was nearly tripled.

Under Rich’s leadership, licensing agreements were entered into with over 40 of the world’s largest consumer brands, including the NFL, Disney, Coca Cola, Margaritaville and huge expansion with the collegiate market.  Tervis increased its number of direct to consumer stores from 4 to over 35 and increased web sales from $2.7 million to over $23 million with focus on customizable products where consumers could create their own designs.

Rich worked for Levi Strauss & Co. for over 19 years and held senior level positions including National Director of Sales and Retail Marketing for all consumer segments for the Levi’s Brand.  Rich also led sales organizations in the Dockers brand, which grew to over $1billion in annual sales.

With an uncanny ability to develop new business, Rich understands the consumer marketplace and what it takes to inspire and motivate today’s changing consumer shopping and information gathering methods.

Rich believes in the mission of The Monster Cooler which is to have fun, work with people you like, offer products that are superior in quality, meet lifestyle needs and are fun to use.

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