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The Profiling Project – Seth Rich Murder

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The Profiling Project

Arlington, Virginia – Location: UNDISCLOSED
-Independent and non-partisan

Profiling Project LogoFunded by lobbyist/lawyer Jack Burkman, founder of the firm Burkman & Assoc., “The Profiling Project” ( is an autonomous and independent unit investigating the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich. The Profiling Project is in separate office space by design. Its creation was announced on March 23, 2017 at a news conference in the neighborhood where Seth Rich lived and was murdered, and in front of a billboard erected by Mr. Burkman as part of his ongoing commitment to Seth’s parents and to the community to investigate what happened to Mr. Rich.

Jennifer Rohrer, Ph.D. , a clinical and forensic psychologist in the District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, and Virginia, is Chief Operating Officer. She obtained a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Kent State University. She completed an American Psychological Association-accredited internship at Florida State Hospital and postdoctoral training at Georgia Regional Hospital-Savannah. Dr. Rohrer’s internship and post-doctoral training focused exclusively on forensic psychological assessment and evaluation. Dr. Rohrer has provided forensic assessments and expert testimony for courts in numerous states, including Virginia, Washington, D.C., Massachusetts, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, and the U.S. District Court. Her areas of practice and expertise include the assessment of criminal and civil competencies; mental state at time of the offense; death penalty; sentencing/mitigation; risk assessment; sexual offender; malingering; downward departure; disability; child custody; parental capacity; fitness for duty; pre-employment screenings for law enforcement, correctional agencies, and fire departments; and other psycho-legal issues. Dr. Rohrer has also taught master’s- and doctoral-level clinical and forensic psychology courses since 2008 at various universities. She served as the Chair of the Forensic Psychology program at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, D.C. Campus from 2011 to 2013 and later joined the George Washington University’s Forensic Psychology program as a Visiting Assistant Professor in 2015. She was also featured as an expert in forensic psychology on the Investigation Discovery channel.

The Profiling Project is being staffed by volunteers from The Student Association for Forensic Psychology (SAFP) at George Washington University. The student organization’s purpose is to expose students to agencies and individuals with professional experiences in the field of forensic psychology; to inform students of the many opportunities available in the various disciplines of forensic psychology; to establish opportunities for students to network with professionals, academic authorities, other students, graduates, and the community; and finally, to support the professional growth of its members.

WJLA-TV (ABC-Washington, D.C.) EXCLUSIVE *FIRST LOOK* Inside: (Aired May 25, 2017)

Statement from The Profiling Project

Our hearts go out to the family of Seth Rich, whose murderer is still at large. We hope that by assembling this wholly volunteer, non-partisan team of objective forensic-psychology graduate students, psychologists and former federal/local law enforcement officers/agents, that we may be able to provide beneficial additional tools, resources and analysis in the murder of Seth.

We understand law enforcement is still vigorously pursuing the criminal investigation into the murder with the fullest of scope, effort and attention. We also understand that as with many cold-case murders, the assistance of the public is a valuable asset to law enforcement agencies, as it is often the public who provides a crucial piece of information well after the initial investigation.

By using various psychological tools and techniques like geographical profiling, victimology and investigative psychology, we hope to provide significant, actionable information and insight that may assist in the arrest and prosecution of Seth’s murderer and give closure to his family.

Media Coverage



June 23, 2017: The GW Hatchet Students researching murder of DNC staffer find hitman or serial killer likely responsible

June 23, 2017: Daily Mail Was DNC staffer Seth Rich murdered by a hitman? Washington D.C. forensic students claim evidence points to a ‘hired killer’ and NOT a robbery gone wrong

June 23, 2017: WND Private investigators: Seth Rich murder evidence vanishing

June 22, 2017: Breitbart Independent Report Casts Doubt on Police Theory of Seth Rich Murder

June 20, 2017: The Daily Caller Report On Murder Of DNC Staffer Seth Rich Speculates ‘Hired Killer’ May Have Done It

June 20, 2017: Heavy New Seth Rich Profiling Project Report Into Murder



June 20, 2017: WJLA READ: Independent group releases new report on Seth Rich’s murder investigation

June 1, 2017: The Washington Post Investigative group files lawsuit seeking police information on Seth Rich slaying

June 1, 2017: Allen West Republic New Lawsuit Filed In Seth Rich Murder Mystery

June 1, 2017: Young Conservatives Attorney To File Lawsuit To Force Police To Release Information In Seth Rich Murder Mystery

June 1, 2017: The Gateway Pundit DC Attorney to File Lawsuit to Force DC Police to Release Information Related to Murder of Seth Rich

June 1, 2017: Restoring Liberty Investigator, Working With University Forensic Psychology Group, Files Suit in Seth Rich Murder Case; Family Demands Answers

June 1, 2017: Your News Wire Washington Police Sued For Stonewalling Seth Rich Investigation

June 1, 2017: The Libertarian Republic Attorney Files Lawsuit In Seth Rich Murder Mystery

June 1, 2017: WJLA Lawsuit filed against D.C. by The Profiling Project in Seth Rich murder investigation

June 1, 2017: The Washington Post Lawsuit filed to force D.C. police to turn over information in Seth Rich slaying

June 1, 2017: Radar Online ‘Time Is Running Out!’ DC Investigator Sues Cops For Files On Seth Rich

May 31,2017: Western Journalism Lawsuit Seeks To Force Police To Disclose Details Of Seth Rich Murder Case

May 31,2017: Heatstreet Lobbyist Sues DC Police to Force Them to Open Up Seth Rich Investigation

May 31,2017: The Daily Caller Group Sues Mayor, Police, For Details Of Seth Rich Murder Investigation

May 30, 2017, Daily Caller, EXCLUSIVE: Attorney To File Lawsuit In Seth Rich Murder Mystery

May 25, 2017, WJLA-TV (Washington), EXCLUSIVE: A look inside ‘Profiling Project: Seth Rich’

May 17, 2017, Newsweek, FBI not probing DNC staffer Seth Rich’s murder, despite WikiLeaks claim

March 23, 2017, WJLA-TV (Washington), New Private Investigation into the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich

March 23, 2017, DCist, GOP Lobbyist Now Opening ‘War Room’ Dedicated To Solving Seth Rich Murder


7-5-2017 A letter to Tom Perez, chairman of the DNC

7-3-2017 Thank you letter to Forensic GWU students

6-20-2017 The Profiling Project SR Report





Press Releases

7/10/2017: Jack Burkman sets Aug. 1 for Hollywood-style re-enactment of Seth Rich murder

7/5/2017 DNC asked for information that may link 2016 campaign email hacking to unsolved murder of staffer Seth Rich

6/23/2017 Independent, nonpartisan The Profiling Project announces plans to expand investigative team

6/22/2017 To preserve evidence in Seth Rich murder case, independent group The Profiling Project files emergency motion

6/20/2017 Independent, nonpartisan, THE PROFILING PROJECT says Seth Rich killing not ‘random’

5/31/2017 D.C. lobbyist/lawyer files suit against Metro P.D., Mayor Bowser to obtain ‘critical’ evidence withheld from public in Seth Rich Murder

5/16/2017 D.C. lobbyist Jack Burkman calls on private investigator to release emails P.I. says connect slain DNC staffer to WikiLeaks

3/30/2017 Investigating the murder of Seth Rich: Work begins at the independent, non- partisan ‘The Profiling Project’

Official Website

The Profiling Project

Photos from 6/20/2017 News Conference

Photos from Profiling Project Office


Photos from 5/31/2017 News Conference


Photos from 3/23/2017 News Conference


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Electronic Press Kit

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Jack Burkman has donated the space and the supplies. Does that mean he is in charge of this effort?
Answer: No. And it’s by design, The Profiling Project will operate independently from Mr. Burkman. Mr. Burkman and his law firm/lobby firm will continue to advocate and work toward to solving this murder. The investigations that The Profiling Project do are in addition and separate from any efforts by Mr. Burkman and his lobby/law firm.

Question: Jack Burkman has talked about doing a re-enactment of the murder scene. Is that still the case?
Answer: Yes, but that effort will be separate from The Profiling Project. The Profiling Project will focus its investigative techniques on the areas they know best. Anything learned from the re-enactment will be shared with The Profiling Project team members if they request it.

Question: Can you be more clear on the structure?
Answer: Sure. Just like the Department of Justice is under the executive branch of The White House, and the FBI is under DOJ, they operate independently of The White House. Jack Burkman is providing everything The Profiling Project needs to succeed. But The Profiling Project operates independently of Jack Burkman and his law firm/lobby firm. Two stellar, highly credentialed, independent and capable volunteer executives oversee the work being done by The Profiling Project with the ultimate goal of solving and/or developing a profile of who murdered Seth Rich.

Question: Is the Rich family involved in The Profiling Project? I know the family has made public appearances with Mr. Burkman…
Answer: The Profiling Project operates independently of everyone, including the Rich family. The Profiling Project team looks forward to working with the family and having their cooperation with the hope of solving this crime for them and the entire D.C. community. Mr. Burkman informed the family of his plans to fund this effort and briefed them following the news conference.

Question: Is this part of a D.C. police investigation?
Answer: The Profiling Project is a totally private, autonomous investigative effort created and now working toward developing a profile and identifying other clues that may be helpful toward the goal of arresting the person or persons responsible. Members of The Profiling Project may re-interview some of the same people talked to by police when the murder occurred over the summer.

Question: Why won’t you give the office address of The Profiling Project?
Answer: It’s in abundance of safety that we are not publicizing the address, beyond saying it’s in Arlington. It’s not a closely guarded secret, but given what has happened, a little extra layer of caution is not a bad thing.

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