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What Happened

On November 21, 2011, Whitney Enterprises, a health and wellness clinic in Pinellas County, Fla., and its owner, Lance Whitney, became a target of WTVT, Fox13 and its investigative reporter Doug Smith.

Before the reporter even received a response from Lance Whitney, the promotion for the ‘investigative’ report started running!

Here’s the promotion that hit air on Saturday, two days before the deadline the station gave Whitney Enterprises to respond:

The station knew a response was forthcoming. Yet ran the “gotcha” promotion without even knowing the other side. As a result, Whitney Enterprises only provided a short statement to station.

When the report airs, investigative reporter Doug Smith omits mention of WHY Lance Whitney declined to participate.

The station only includes the full statement on its website.


“Lance Whitney planned to answer your specific questions. But when the promotion for the investigative report began airing before he even had a chance to provide you with his responses, it became abundantly clear to him that you have no intention to present a fair and balanced report. A target of an ‘investigation’ should not be an afterthought or added at the last minute.

“Patients treated at his clinic have real and legitimate injuries and are not pill-seeking-drug-addicts. Lance Whitney’s chief mission is to run a clinic that exceeds the state’s minimum expectations and to provide a quick, clean and safe environment for Bay Area residents in pain and in desperate need of relief.”

Message to Patients on Company Website:

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Promotion for investigative story hits air before reporter receives target’s response

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